So Here’s How This Began…

My mother told me I was afraid of pursuing a career in writing. I thought she was wrong and told her so. I want to be a hobby writer, I said. I love writing for myself, I said.

Several months later I admitted, “I want to be a professional writer,” out loud to someone who doesn’t live inside my head. The immediate thought was, they’re going to tell me I’m not good enough, and damn it, I had to admit to myself that my mom was right after all.

So, bad thing: Mom was right. I am afraid.

Good thing: I wasn’t pursuing a career because of this little piddly ass fear? Damn, that’s the last time it stops me.

Probably not-so-coincidentally the creative floodgates opened later that night and a story idea I’d been entertaining for months suddenly snapped together into a coherent vision. Funny how that works.

Since that epiphany I’ve decided to treat writing as my job, grabbed my name as a domain name, started this blog, and begun setting up a Patreon. Also, I’ve written a good chunk of the first chapter, but I thought I’d mention the other stuff first in case an editor is googling my name in a year, sees that and thinks, she’s a real go-getter! I can work with her.

Anyway, off I go. Will I actually manage to get a book in print? Who knows?* But I’m pretty sure the journey will be fun, and if you’re reading this, you’re welcome to join me!

And thanks, Mom. You’re the best.

*I do. I know. Yes, I’ll have a book in print.

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