About My Blog Title

I’m not sure how many people will read it the way someone from Eastern Canada will, but it’s a word play on a common descriptor here – right some good. Right and some act as an adverb and adjective respectively, and must be in that order. You say, “that was some right good,” to a Maritimer and they’ll look at you like you downed a litre of wine for breakfast. Here’s the breakdown and usage guide.

Margaret picks up a rhubarb pie from the grocery store and you have a piece:

Oh Margaret, that pie was some good.

Margaret makes a rhubarb pie and tops it with whipped cream:

Oh Margaret, that pie was right some good!

Margaret makes the rhubarb pie she won first place for at the local fair, tops it with whipped cream, and gives you a shot of rum:

Oh Margaret! That pie was right some jesus good!

Yes, jesus can be an adjective here, although sometimes jeezly is an acceptable substitution if you’re worried about lightning bolts.

Grammar lesson taught, why did I choose that for my title? Oh, I think it makes some sort of sense even if you’re not from where I am, makes it clear that this is a writing blog, gives people a slight taste of where I live, and points to one of the big influences on my fantasy novel, namely the people and culture I’m familiar with. Might cause a bit of confusion for a few folk, but it’s a good, if small taste of what you’re getting into by reading my blog.

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