Scene One Done

Image credit: Johnny Dodd

I have started the book. In fact, I had the first scene of my novel written at the beginning of last week and… it was a scene. That’s about the kindest thing I can say about it, so I decided to rewrite it a couple of days ago.

I actually think this is a BAD thing to do when I’m supposed to be pushing through to get a first draft done. A person can get so caught up on revising and editing the first bits that they never get any further, but I decided I get one do-over and from now on, unless I hit a major obstacle, I don’t get rewrites until I have a complete story.

Why did I allow this one?

The beginning just sucked that much. I know the fantasy genre (and that’s the genre I’m writing in) is supposed to allow a little more room for setting and slow writing at the start, but folks, I just can’t do it. I can’t write a scene about my main character relaxing and having some thoughts about her life, not until there’s a bit of actual conflict to think about. Especially not this main character, who is a great big girl with a rough and ready temper. I mean, the reader’s first view of her is a peaceful sit down? I don’t think so.

So I grabbed what was supposed to be scene two and began with that, and it worked so much better. I get to introduce three important characters, some core tensions, tease out a few details to lead the reader into the next scene, and have some crap for everyone to react to. The original scene one is getting a revamp and flipped into scene two, and that should also work better for what I wanted to achieve with it.

Now I just never have to do this again. Easy, right?

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