Super Exciting Writing Plan, Week of May 5- 12

Not my actual hand. Or stylus. Or tablet. Image by Plush Design Studio.

I have lots to accomplish in terms of writing this week, almost too much, so here’s a list that I’m going to pretend will keep me accountable. I’ll check at the end of the week to see if the pretending worked.

  • 5k words done on first draft of novel (already have 1,200 in the bag. Ha HA!)
  • Keep writing the poem I was going to write for a submission deadline on Wednesday but like too much to deliver before term.
  • Finish a first draft of a sci-fi horror/romance that features skinny maggots. I know, you’re jealous you didn’t think of that first.
  • Research at the local library.
  • Have a writing day with a friend in town. We’re either going to be super productive or dissolve into beer and gossip.
  • Get another blog post or two done for here.

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